Our core

BSNSS is seeking for freedom of being since 2017. Originality and positive energy is what flows in our blood. Creating excellent custom made jewelry and clothing for him and her is what we are specialized in. We stand for uniting humanity and creating different possibilities to emphasize that. Our motive is to give power to everyones diversity.

Our mindset

We seek for freedom of being. The ability to be your genuine self is for us what counts most. Our authentic logo expresses it all. Our symbol in the middle stands symbolic for a magnet, in other words attraction where our products contribute to. The cut off edges in the logo represent blending in by standing out. We believe you’re more likely to fit in when you are different. Be u(nique).

Our formula

Our formula consists of a strong desire for individuality and building your own character the way you want it. We encourage you to create a bridge between your mental and physical expression by wearing your own designed products. Our products consist of endless customization possibilities and that’s why there is space for you to be you. We believe co-operated designing is the future. Just name it and we will create it together. Your wishes are our wishes.